Trade & Interior Decorator Partner Program

At Sonoma Country Antiques, we pride ourselves on a collection that’s as unique as your design vision. We've scoured Europe to bring back those special antique pieces that add a touch of history and character to any home. We're here to help builders, trades parters and interior decorators find that perfect statement item that tells a story and complements their design.

To facilitate a fruitful collaboration with design professionals, Sonoma Country Antiques has established a partner program tailored to the unique needs of interior decorators. Our program is crafted to offer more than just access to exceptional antiques; it’s an opportunity to enhance your design palette with pieces that have their own legacy. As a partner, you will enjoy a range of incentives designed to empower your business and delight your clients. From special pricing to first looks at newly acquired pieces, and the personalized support of our knowledgeable team, we aim to provide you with the resources you need to source antiques that elevate your projects.

If you are an interior decorator in California and find the allure of European antiques irresistible, we invite you to reach out to us. Inquiring about our partner program is the first step towards enriching your design offerings with pieces that have a storied past and an enduring beauty. We are eager to discuss how our handpicked selection can be integrated into your upcoming projects and to explore the possibilities our partnership can unlock. Connect with us below to start a conversation that could transform the spaces you design.

Inquire About Our Interior Decorator Partner Program